What is the truth behind Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape?

farrah-abraham-pregnancy-test-shoppingFarrah Abraham is said to be pregnant with the child of porn star James Dean. After the reported leak of Farrah Abraham’s sex tape full video, she was seen buying pregnancy tests and is said to have missed her period.

The teen mom star Farrah is said to record the sex tape for private and personal purpose only to immortalize her sexy 21 year old body. Apparently, despite the fiasco, Farrah Abraham sex tape sold to 1.5 million dollars since she reportedly sell it for promotion purposes.

You may have seen her since she stars Teen Mom. With all that has transpired in her life, people can’t help but compare her to Kim Kardashian who also went through the same dilemma.

Pornography seems to be very profitable in the market today. No wonder why Farrah Abraham chose this niche. What an easy and sure way up. This was what Kim K did that earned her millions and even billions.

This Farrah Abraham gossip is of course denied by her. She is first and foremost a mother and a public figure. Farrah insisted that the film isn’t intended for anything but an expression of her feminine side. Unfortunately, the said sex tape leaked and was picked up by one of the world’s largest pornographic film group, Vivid Entertainment. Thanks to what seems to be the unplanned stardom adding Farrah to the roster of Vivid celebrities as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

Relevant write ups about how Farrah have always dreamed of stardom and fortune. “If you visit Abraham’s personal website, you’ll see that she has had her fingers in many pies in an attempt to earn both money and fame. (Fortunately for Abraham, we live in a world that doesn’t really require you to be particularly, or even at all, talented to become famous.)

As a teenager, she started off on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom and it was during this series that we watched Farrah and her own mother fight, often physically, about Abraham’s desire to be a model. After the show, Abraham did do some modeling, wrote My Teenage Dream Ended (which landed in 11th place on the New York Times Best Seller List of eBooks), launched her family’s secret recipe Italian hot sauce, “MOM&ME,” into a shelf product at Hy-vee grocery stores, and made an album of songs so revoltingly auto-tuned it’s almost kind of awesome (if you are high on acid or something).”

farrah-abraham-kim-kardashianThis MTV star sex tape rumors might just be among her many strategies to fulfill a childhood dream. And this might just be the break that she is looking for after several attempts to be a big star. She is often compared to Kim Kardashian because of how her life is turning to be. Farrah refused to agree stating that she wouldn’t want to be compared to Kim as she wants to live a completely different life – something more positive. This seems to be very contradictory with the existence of her sex tape.

Whatever her motive is, it seems to be working for her. She did not only have profit but viewer’s share as well. Without a doubt a well-planned career move.

There is no point in denying that the video is not for public viewing. The mere fact that is was co-starred by James Deen speaks of what the sex tape was all about. Too bad Farrah had to tell a lie to hide the real deal. This shall not be another Farrah Abraham gossip but a reality she refuses to accept and own up to.

Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom

farrah superstar backdoor coverThe MTV star Farrah Abraham sex tape has reminded us yet again that the infamous teen mother is never one to shy away from controversial acts. The recently released pornographic film featuring her and pornstar James Deen has been the subject of consistent discussion with MTV, her former employers, insistent that it should not be released.

The origins of the video are quite obviously one of a professional porn film although Farrah continues to state it was a homemade sex tape that was then leaked to the infamous Vivid Entertainment. Regardless, Miss Abraham was paid $1 million to have sex with a pornstar on video.

The aura of deception that surrounds the origin of the video, is an obvious publicity stunt designed to enhance sales. The most amusing aspect being her co-star Deen’s absolute refusal to go along with the charade clearly stating it was a professional video and the two were never dating.

The back and forth between MTV and the owner of Vivid Entertainment, Steve Hirsch has also served to stoke publicity for the video, tastefully entitled; Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.

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